We will be sunsetting FlexMath in July 31st 2018. Please visit CK-12 site for quality Algebra and Geometry lessons.

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As the foundation of all higher mathematics, Algebra is a defining gateway on the path to academic success. To make that journey a successful and rewarding experience for all students, the CK-12 Foundation presents FlexMath, a student-centered approach to Algebra proficiency. Combining engaging lessons, interactive practice, adaptive assessment, extensive scaffolding for struggling learners, and endless opportunities for upward differentiation, FlexMath offers a complete discovery-based instructional platform with proven success for all populations of students.
FlexMath began as a series of software lessons and practice activities developed over years of instruction by master-teacher Todd McPeak for use in his own Algebra intervention classroom. As Director of Math Instruction for Leadership Public Schools (LPS), Todd expanded and organized this content into an Algebra course paired with a stand-alone support curriculum.

Responding to low and historically stagnant Algebra STAR scores, LPS instituted a FlexMath intervention program on their Hayward campus during the 2008 – 2009 academic year. The program targeted all 9th-grade students enrolled in Algebra, supporting them with a concurrent enrollment math intervention class. Equipped with 32 computer workstations, this support class featured a discovery-based curriculum which leveraged technology to both facilitate open-ended exploration while also creating precise mastery of essential algebraic mechanics. Though only partially developed at the time, the results of this approach exceeded even the most optimistic growth targets for this population, delivering gains on a scale never before achieved with struggling Algebra learners.

Since that initial pilot, with support from the CK-12 Foundation, the FlexMath instructional program has been developed into a full beta release which was further piloted during the 2010-2011 academic year by LPS Richmond, Envision Public Schools, and even a middle school--Sierra Middle School in Riverside Unified School District. August 2011 California Standards Test results revealed that each pilot produced consistent performance gains for targeted students at levels that place these schools among the top 100 in the state for 9th-grade Algebra proficiency, and at the absolute top compared to demographically similar schools.

We invite you to use Flexmath's adaptive and interactive resources in your own teaching practice. Be a part of the revolution by contributing feedback and comments to support@ck12.org Happy Exploring!